Thursday, 7 June 2018


Where: Living far away from civilization, Esther was very lonely.
 She thought she would die of loneliness to live that far away.

Adverb: She took all the items that she had found, and took
them to her home. When she lit up the candle and placed the
ring in front of it, she was surprisingly greeted by bright lights
shining from her ceiling.

Verb: Rolling the trolley around the junk,
she found an empty can of baked beans.

EOT: Two hours after searching, she finally found something

R: I wonder if Esther is gonna sell or keep the ring.

S/M: Esther was so warm and happy she thought she was
as snug as a bug in a rug! :D

Thursday, 31 May 2018


I honestly had nothing to do while I was at home and the others at camp.
Two boys in my classroom didn’t know you were allowed to stay home,
so they had a more boring thing to do than me. I can thank my mum for that.
But then i thought: “hey! I can do whatever i want! I shouldn’t just wait for
Prajin to get home!” So i got my ipad and watched SSundee. SSundee is a
very cool gamer, who’s mostly known for playing minecraft.

When my cousin, Prajin got home, we played mcpe. We found a jungle
biome and next to it there was a pond. And that’s where we built our houses.
My one was WAY bigger than prajin’s house. Probably because my one had
two floors. We found a coral reef where we found a shipwreck with a treasure
map in it. There was an island where the x-marks-the-spot was.

We started digging but we couldn’t find anything! But then it was time for bed.

Monday, 7 May 2018

movie review boi

Movie: Infinity War
By Jayshan and Eshaan

With the new movie infinity war that crashed into the cinemas this month, everybody was hyped!
Iron man, Spider man, Star lord, Dr Strange, they’re all ready! This movie has an all star cast of
superheros that we all know and love. In all MARVEL movies there is always an evil villain,and
this time the villain is...THANOS !!!

Thanos is trying to steal all the infinity stones. The reality stone, the time stone, the mind stone,
the soul stone, the power stone and the tesseract stone. If Thanos gets his hands on these, who
knows what he can do! And that’s where the Avengers come in! This new AMAZING movie wil
l get MARVEL fans running to the cinemas!  

You better watch out Andrew Garfield because there's a new Spider man in town! Tom Holland is
the new Spider Man. Again we see Robert Downey Jr plays as the AWESOME Iron Man, Chris
Hemsworth as Thor (who hits like a truck in the movie) and Josh Brolin comes in as Thanos!
(the guy who has like a thousand chins…)  

Star rating: 5 and a half stars